I am a breeder of Somali & Abyssinian cats located in the Upper South East of South Australia.  I focus on breeding Silver Somalis and Abys as this is a beautiful soft colour that I believe matches their beautiful soft nature


I have been the proud owner of this beautiful breed since 2006 after purchasing a Black Silver Abyssinian (neuter) as a kitten and a Black Silver Somali (neuter) as a 5 year old.  Hence my adoration for this wonderful breed started.

I  started my breeding program with 2 queens - Vivace Ruby Tuesday (Ruby) Blue Silver Somali & Vivace Barabajagal (Jackie) Black Silver Abyssinian (carrying long hair).  I  have since added Silamos Annie Lennox to my queens.  Annie is a beautiful black silver somali with a lovely nature.


After much research and effort I imported on 7/2/2014 a beautiful Black Silver Somali entire from France - Imiko De La Cornaline (Imiko). I have been very fortunate to source him from De La Cornaline owned by Valerie Bourel who has been breeding amazing Somalis for many years and is well respected in Europe. 


I am a member of the

Feline Association of South Australia Inc


The Governing Council Of The Cat Fancy Of South Australia Inc



My aim is to strive to breed Somalis & Abyssinians as per the standards.


My goal is to maintain the excellent health and temperament that I already have in my lines and to endeavour to achieve continuous improvement.


I hope you enjoy looking at this website and I am always available for a "chat" if you are interested in this wonderful breed of cat.  You can also email enquiries through the contact page on this site.